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Wing foiling in Bonaire

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wing foil in bonaire 4
wing foil in bonaire 2

Come and try the latest trend in water sports with us!

The most recent development in water sports is called wing foiling or wing surfing. This new sport is done by using a foil wing, which is a combination between a kite and a windsurf rig. The wing is held in the hands of the rider and can be positioned in every angle or direction. The wing is used in combination with a foil board. The wing generates the power for the board and the foil to start gliding.

At Dunkerbeck Pro Center we use the F-one Swings in combination with the RRD Hi-flight SUP / windsurf foil board. If you are thinking of trying it out, it helps if you are at least intermediate windsurfer and windsurf foiler. If you’d like to try, you are welcome to take lessons in windsurf foiling and or wing foiling with us! Or if you are less experienced and you would just like to try the wing, you can use it in combination with a large windsurf or SUP board and just cruise around.

Rental prices:

  • Wing in combination with foil board – same as windsurf foiling prices
  • Wing in combination with SUP or beginner board – same as premium windsurf prices