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Groups and Rates

The Dunkerbeck Pro Center rates are separated by the level of experience of windsurfers in four groups: Kids > 13, Entry+, Premium, and Professional. Our DPC shopkeepers and trainers are happy to help understand the level that is the easiest and most appropriate for each individual customer. 

Below you can find the distribution of our equipment by the Rate Goups. If you wish to read more about the specifics of each equipment piece, visit Goya, Simmerstyle, or Starboard pages. 

Rate GroupGoyaStarboardSimmerstyle
EntrySurf. Scion.
AtomIQ. RIO. WindSUP.
Quest School Rig.
PremiumVolar. Bolt. Banzai. Nexus.
CarveIQ. Futura. Flare.
Icon. Tricera. VMAX.
ProfessionalProton. Mark.
iSonic. Starboard Foil.

Below you can find the prices for Sorobon Beach Resort guests.

Visitors from outside of the resort, wishing to rent the DunkerBeck Pro Center equipment, will be charged 20% extra.

Rate group1-hour2-hours10-hours20-hoursFull day6+ day package6+ extra day10+ day package10+ extra day
Entry $35$60$200$350$60$324$54$480$48

All prices are excluding a $10 handling fee.

Insurance costs of extra 15% will be added upon payment.

The first payment made for rentals for 6+ or 10+ day packages guarantee equipment for a number of chosen consecutive days. 
Any additional days to the package after the first payment are for non-consecutive days, which also does not guarantee equipment. 

If you would like to take lessons, we offer individual, private lessons, or lessons for two people. They are completely accommodated to your personal skill level and learning preferences. 
By taking a lesson, you pay for gear for 2 hours, in which time you get a 1-hour lesson and 1-hour free practice time.

 Without GearWith Gear     
Beginner Group (2-5 people)$50$50
Private/Individual Lesson$75$105
2 People Lesson$100$160

Additionally, you are welcome to enjoy SUP equipment. See the rates below:

 One-Hour PeriodTwo-Hour PeriodHalf-Day Period