Groups and Rates

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The Dunkerbeck Pro Center rates are separated by the level of experience of windsurfers in four groups: Entry, Premium, Professional, and Foiling. Our DPC shopkeepers and trainers are happy to help understand the level that is the easiest and most appropriate for each individual customer. 

Below you can find the distribution of our equipment by the Rate Goups. If you wish to read more about the specifics of each equipment piece, visit Goya, Simmerstyle, or Starboard pages. 

Rate GroupGoyaStarboardSimmerstyleRRD
EntrySurf (Board) - Surf (Sail) - Scion AtomIQ - RIO - GO
Quest School Rig
PremiumVolar 2018 & 2019 - Bolt 2018 & 2019 - Carrera PRO - Banzai - Nexus - Mark - Guru - BounceCarveIQ - Futura
Icon - Tricera 2018 & 2019
ProfessionalProton 2018 & 2019 - Air PRO - Bounce (Full Carbon Rig)
iSonic - Flare
2XC - SCR 2018 & 2019 - SCS 2019
FoilingProton + All sailsTechnora, Ultracore, Isonic, FoilAll sailsHi-flight

Gear Prices

At Dunkerbeck Pro Center, you can rent for different periods of time. Renting for more than 5 days allows you to rent with a special package price. Please look through the options below.

Rate group1-hour2-hoursFull day6+ day package6+ extra day10+ day package10+ extra dayInsurance (per day)
Entry $35$50$60$324$54$480$48$10
Foiling $75$100$150$810$135$1,100$110$17.50

The first payment made for rentals for 6+ or 10+ day packages guarantee equipment for a number of chosen consecutive days.
Any additional days to the package after the first payment are for non-consecutive days, which also does not guarantee equipment.

All prices are excluding a $10 handling fee.

Insurance costs (prices above) will be added if agreed on upon arrival.


If you would like to take lessons, we offer individual, private lessons, or lessons for two people. They are completely accommodated to your personal skill level and learning preferences. 
By taking an introductory lesson, you pay for gear for 2 hours, in which time you get a 1-hour lesson and 1-hour free practice time.

As introductory lessons are very popular, we are scheduling group introductory lessons either in the morning or in the afternoon. Please contact us via WhatsApp to see when you can join.

 Number of StudentsWithout GearWith GearType of GearConsecutive 2nd Hour 
Introductory Group Lesson2-5 $60$60EntryYes
Intermediate Group2-5$60$60EntryNo
Private Lesson1 $70$100Entry or Premium(*)No
2$100$160Entry or Premium(*)No
Foil Lesson1$75$165FoilNo (**)
2$150$300FoilNo (**)

(*) For an extra $25 per person upgrade your gear to Professional.
(**) If after one hour of training the student is not ready to foil alone yet, the teacher will stay for an additional fee of $35 during the second hour.


Boat Tours

Dunkerbeck Pro Center offers unique tailored windsurf, snorkel or fishing boat tours. We welcome windsurfers and their families enjoy full itineraries of activities and an unforgettable adventure in the open waters of Bonaire.
Look below at adult and children prices for joining a boat tour.

Type of Boat TripRate GroupPrice
Evening Snorkel Windsurf TourAdult$95
Morning Snorkel Windsurf TourAdult$80
Morning Fishing TourPrivate$600
Per Person (*)$125

(*) There is a minimum of 4 and maximum of 6 participants.

Stand Up Paddleboards

You are welcome to enjoy SUP equipment. See the rates below:

 One-Hour PeriodTwo-Hour PeriodFull Day Period