Defiwind Caribbean

defiwind caribbean
defiwind caribbean
defiwind caribbean

Founded by Philippe Bru in Gruissan in South of France 17 years ago, DefiWind is currently the biggest windsurfing event. More than 1,500 profesional windsurf and kitesurf athletes coming yearly. Le Defi focuses on free racing of minimum 20km, with one buoy marking the midpoint of the race and the return.

4 years ago the unprecedented wind and water conditions on Bonaire inspired Philippe Bru and Bjorn Dunkerbeck to introduce the concept of the event into the Caribbean. The nature of Bonaire allows the kitesurfing and windsurfing event thrive and welcomes sport enthusiasts and professionals from all over the world.

For this, June is the best month, with the highest average winds. This way the organizers are sure the competitors will have the easiest conditions during the event.

In order to inspire the love for windsurfing, the event allows all age groups to participate! However, all participants must be able to control the sail and board efficiently.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of safety precautions taken during the event to ensure everyone is safe at all times.

For more information about Le Defi in Griussan, visit the official website.
For more information about DefiWind Caribbean, visit the official website.