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Wind Foiling in Dunkerbeck Pro Center

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Dunkerbeck Pro Center offers you a unique opportunity on Bonaire – learn wind foiling!

During the less windy days, wind foiling is the best way to spend your time in the water! Feel the sensation of flying above the Caribbean blue!

Windfoiling, a dynamic water sport that combines windsurfing and hydrofoiling, offers a thrilling and innovative experience on the water. Its key benefits lie in efficiency and adaptability. The hydrofoil beneath the board lifts it above the water, reducing drag and allowing for higher speeds with less wind. This translates to extended sessions in lighter winds, making windfoiling accessible to a broader range of enthusiasts.

Its versatility enables riders to navigate various conditions, from calm waters to choppy seas, enhancing the overall appeal. Windfoiling not only provides an exhilarating sensation of flight but also promotes a unique connection with the elements, making it a favorite among watersports enthusiasts.

Wind Foiling in Dunkerbeck Pro Center

Our foils are premium class Starboard full carbon 95cm slalom foils, and can be attached to wind foil-ready boards: Starboard Technora and iSoniQ, Goya Proton and Bolt, Hi-Flight from RRD.

Our instructors are trained wind foiling by Philippe Bru and Bjorn Dunkerbeck and are excited to pass on the knowledge! In our windsurf center we offer foiling lessons, as well as foil rentals. If you wish to rent foils with Dunkerbeck Pro Center, you must keep in mind that our instructors will evaluate your knowledge and only then you will allowed to wind foil by yourself.

Renting Foiling Gear

You can rent Foiling gear in packages for 1, 2 hours, or an entire day.

We also offer weekly packages with a discount for renting periods of 6+ days, or event 10+ days. Please consult our rates page for actual prices.

Please make sure you know you are able to foil before booking a package of a few days in advance. We suggest taking a lesson first, trying it out, and then booking your preferred package.