Special Day Packages

Special Day Packages at Dunkerbeck Pro Center and Sorobon Beach Resort

entry lesson 2

Team building (max 10 people)

Take your staff for an exciting day out to the Sorobon lagoon! Enjoy a full day of windsurfing activities, yoga stretching, followed by happy hour and dinner in Sorobon Beach Resort.

Only $100 per person! What’s included?

– 30min Yoga stretch session

– Windsurf Lesson – 1 hour learn + 1 hour play

– Happy hour at the beach bar

– 2-course dinner

beach bar happy hour
entry lesson 2

windsurf day package

Visit Dunkerbeck Pro Center for a day to enjoy a full day of windsurfing, followed by a sports massage and lunch! What’s a better itinerary?

Starting with $200 per person! Prices vary based on your experience level. What’s included?

– Windsurf Lesson of choice (beginner to advanced) – 1 hour learn

– Entry/Premium/Professional windsurf rental for the full day

– 60min Sports massage

– Lunch in Sorobon Beach Bar

beach bar happy hour