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Sorobon Masters

Sorobon Masters
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Sorobon Masters is a windsurfing competition held on the Sorobon beach on Bonaire and sponsored by the Sorobon Beach Resort. For five consecutive years the event continues to motivate windsurfers to continue their passion and to keep thriving for greatness. It is the only windsurfing competition on Bonaire welcoming competitors of all ages! 

The athletes come to challenge themselves in Freestyle, Slalom and in many age categories.

The event has been created in order to promote the love for windsurfing in one of the best spots in the world – the Lac Bay lagoon. The competition has made it possible for young local windsurfers gain international acknowledgement and even sponsorships to further their career. Each year, it is a wonderful opportunity for Bonairian windsurfers to advance in their sports career. 

For more information and registration to the 2021 event, visit the Sorobon Masters website.