Rental Rate groups

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rate group 3
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We want to provide as personalized and as appropriate service for you as possible. For this reason, the equipment in our center is divided in three categories (rate groups):

  • Entry
  • Premium
  • Professional

When booking your gear with us, you have to evaluate your windsurfing skills before making a decision. Are you a beginner? Have you windsurfed before? How much and for how long? Still not sure? Don’t worry! Once you come to our center, our experienced staff can help you evaluate your skills and choose the best equipment for you.

Below you can see the equipment that is distributed between the rate groups.

Rate GroupGoyaStarboardSimmerstyle
EntrySurf. Scion.
AtomIQ. RIO. WindSUP.
Quest School Rig.
PremiumVolar. Bolt. Banzai. Nexus.
CarveIQ. Futura.
Icon. Tricera. VMAX.
ProfessionalProton. Mark.
iSonic. Flare.

Please note that windfoiling and SUP equipment are not part of these categories and therefore have separate pricing.

Please look through the pricing of our different packages.