meet our team


Bastiaan de koningh – Bonaire

Patience, good energy is key. Always keep a kind vibe, be helpful and attentive to your students and all windsurfers!

  • Windsurfing since 2010
  • Windsurfing instructor since 2018, only in DPC
  • Favorite windsurfing styles: Freestyle and wind foiling
  • Favorite windsurfing trick: DBL Calo
  • Biggest windsurfing accomplishments: Competing in windsurfing world cup since 2013
  • Life motto: Life is a beach.

Toto Soliana – Bonaire

I progressed fast when I started to windsurf. But my ambition is big and I see myself grow everyday.

  • Windsurfing since 2011
  • Windsurfing instructor since 2019, only in DPC
  • Favorite windsurfing styles: Freestyle
  • Favorite windsurfing trick: Spock culo (air skopu and lonka)
  • Biggest windsurfing accomplishments: Becoming a windsurf instructor and as a freestyler.
  • Life motto: You’re never too old or too young to start. It’s a lifetime sport that brings an incredible amount of humbleness, happiness and exposure to nature.

Daniel Williams – Bonaire

The last manager of DPC, Ben, told me to try windsurfing and he taught me the basics. From the moment I stood on the board I instantly fell in love with windsurfing.

  • Windsurfing since 2018
  • Windsurfing instructor since 2019, only in DPC
  • Favorite windsurfing styles: Freestyle/flowstyle.
  • Favorite windsurfing trick: Kono
  • Biggest windsurfing accomplishments: Growing as a windsurfer, freestyler and a windsurf instructor.
  • Life motto: You’re never too old to windsurf.

Florian “Flo” Wegerer – UK

My style is simple: be kind and sincere, loyal and have an easy, smooth style.

  • Windsurfing since 2000
  • Windsurfing instructor since 2008
  • Favorite windsurfing styles: Windsurf style – lifestyle.
  • Favorite windsurfing trick: Dbl Air burner one hand.
  • Biggest windsurfing accomplishments: Ranked Top 25 PWA.
  • Life motto: Go with the Flo.

Dirk Baellaard – Netherlands

I’m easy going, interested in people and sports. I try to always be positive and open.

  • Windsurfing since 2014
  • Windsurfing instructor since 2019
  • Favorite windsurfing styles: Freestyle.
  • Favorite windsurfing trick: Shaka.
  • Biggest windsurfing accomplishments: Working at the DPC and learning from Bonaire’s great windsurfers.
  • Life motto: Seek discomfort.