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Dunkerbeck gps Speed Challenge

Dunkerbeck Speed  Challenge
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Dunkerbeck Speed  Challenge

Being the holder of the world windsurf record for 23 consecutive years, in 2014 Bjorn Dunkerbeck founded the GPS Speed Challenge.

The main idea behind the speed challenge and collaboration with Bjorn Dunkerbeck is to promote Speed Windsurfing as a category. The goal and ambition is not only to introduce the young windsurfers to compete and advance in the Speed category, but also to motivate professional windsurfers of any age or experience level to get faster and break their Personal Bests. Participants’ average speed on a 250 meter course is measured with the help of the GPS speed-tracking wristwatches.

The GPS wristwatches are waterproof speed tracking technology which allows windsurfers from all over the world to compete in real-time. Their windsurf speed in 250 meter distance sprints is measured and sent to the main website to compare with the others.

Every year there are multiple Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenges organized all around the world. Typically, the Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge is part of another big windsurfing event in order to attract more participants. It is a popular and easy event.

In Bonaire the Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge is hosted each year in June. It is part of the Defiwind Caribbean and Sorobon Masters competitions. The tripe event lasts one week, where one day is meant for the Speed Challenge. This is the day competitors get the GPS Speed Tracking app or wristwatches and can try to achieve their highest speed. The windsurfers are divided to age groups, and everyone is welcome to join and compete. At the end of the week there is a closing ceremony where the top 3 speed windsurfers from each age group are awarded prizes.

Visit the Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge Facebook page to learn about the newest developments!

Visit the GPS Speed Windsurfing website to check the speeds of all participants!