children clinics

children clinics
children clinics
children clinics

Sorobon beach lagoon is warm, shallow and surrounded by constant winds, which makes it the most perfect location for learning windsurfing safely! Leave your children in our hands, providing them with the best conditions to learn windsurfing!

Our 4-day children clinics are designed to introduce your children to all the necessary windsurfing basics as well as have as much fun together as possible!

The camps welcome 6-13 year olds of any windsurfing experience level (complete beginners are our favorite!). Our instructors are ready to accommodate to your child’s needs and give them experienced knowledge, allowing them to progress with ease!

They take place in the mornings, and include beverages for your children during the training and end with lunch every day. At the end of the 4-day camp, you and your family are invited to attend a cozy ceremony where your child receives a diploma and report card with their progress! 

Depending on their experience, during the camps children will learn:

  • The name of their gear
  • How to:
    • tell the direction of the wind
    • get on the board
    • find the golden spot on the board
    • control a sail
    • go upwind
  • Basics and theory of tacking and jibing
  • How to finish a race

and most importantly…

  • How fun is it to windsurf!

Price: $250

The price includes a Dunkerbeck Pro Center lycra and four days of activities!


  • December 24-27
  • December 31-3

 Sign Up

Register your child by emailing with the  following information:

  • Your child’s name, age
  • Your child’s previous windsurfing experience 
  • When you would like to participate in the camp


  • Children arrive everyday at 9AM
  • Fun and interactive windsurfing instruction, which depends on child’s needs and skill
  • Beverages throughout the morning
  • The clinic ends around 12PM with lunch for the children
  • On Friday (last day of the camp) there is a fun windsurfing competition to test their skills
  •  Award ceremony with snacks and diplomas after the competition!

Note: If your child cannot participate the full four days, he is still welcome to join when possible!