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About Bjorn

About Bjorn Dunkerbeck
About Bjorn Dunkerbeck

A windsurfing legend for many years, Bjorn Dunkerbeck is the ultimate windsurfer. Half-Danish half-Dutch athlete grew up surrounded by waters in the Canary islands and embarked on a professional windsurfing path when he was just 17.

Ever since then he has broken the Nautical Mile speed record four times, the 500m Open Ocean speed record twice and the 250m speed record.

His enthusiasm and passion for windsurfing are the perfect ingredients to a successful windsurfing experience!

To inspire windsurfers all around the world, Bjorn Dunkerbeck is also the founder of the Dunkerbeck GPS Speed Challenge, which takes places in Gran Canaria and on Bonaire annually. It is an exciting speed competition in which you are able to participate as well. Read more about it here.

In 2015 Bjorn discovered Bonaire and fell in love with its windsurfing possibilities. The island has strong off-shore winds that remain constant throughout the year, which makes it a great all year-round windsurfing destination. It was clear this location needed more attention in the international windsurfing world. Bjorn joined forces with Philippe Bru and worked to establish a new windsurf center and windsurfing events to attract more windsurfers to the island. We invite you to become a part of the windsurfing history of Bonaire!

Bjorn’s achievements:

42 World Titles:

  • 12 x overall
  • 10 x slalom
  • 5 x course racing
  • 4 x racing
  • 7 x waveriding
  • 1 x freestyle
  • 3 x speed

World Open Ocean Speed World Record:

  • 44.35 knots/ 82.13 km/h

For more information about Bjorn, visit his official website.