Rental Terms and conditions

All the indicated prices are including taxes.
 Booking Payments
All bookings, which are made through the website and confirmed, are subject to any conditions highlighted during the booking process. At the completion of the booking process you are presented with a printable booking receipt, with one or more booking reference numbers. The payment you make on this website comprises a percentile deposit of the total cost of your selected equipment for the selected period. The remaining balance will be paid in local currency on arrival on the spot. The deposit amount are charged to your PayPal account or card immediately. No further charges are made by this website relating your payment transaction or currency charges. However you may incur additional currency conversion charges from your bank or credit card company.
 Booking changes
Changes to bookings cannot be guaranteed, are at the discretion of the club manager and are subject to availability. Once a reservation is booked and you want to change your arrival date please inform us 1 week prior to the arrival date and no cancellation fees will be applied.
The  booking deposit amount are non-refundable. Therefore, no refunds will be issued.
 Use of Gear
The equipment can only be used by the person who is renting it. If the gear is used by others you will be charged 1 full day of rental for each additional user of the equipment.
 Damage to the equipment
The person renting the gear is responsible for any damages during the rental period. You will be charged fo the repair of board and sail damages that can be repaired. You will be charged the cost of replacement of equipment with damages that cannot be repaired. Repair and replacement costs are posted on the spot.
 Right or refusal
In a situation which calls into question the safety of windsurfers and/or the preservation of equipment, The Dunkerbeck Pro Center reserves the right to cancel a rental contract. Windsurfers who do not respect traffic rules in the
water or are windsurfing in a dangerous manner will be warned. If they continue to sail dangerously their contracts will be cancelled. Windsurfers who do not possess the necessary skills to use equipment or who are using it in a destructive way will also be warned. If they ignore the warning, their contracts will be cancelled. Unused rental time will be refunded for cancelled contracts.